Letter from the President

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and as a young black girl, growing up in Phoenix, I rarely engaged or encountered Black women or women of color in positions of power. Attending Spelman College changed all of that. I can truly say that Spelman College changed my life and helped me to see all the infinite possibilities that can develop in the life of a young woman when she is encouraged to believe beyond her circumstances. I, along with the chapter’s phenomenal chartering Executive board have had the esteemed privilege working to charter our local chapter over the past year here in Phoenix. When I was growing up here and dreaming of attending Spelman all those years ago, there were no resources here to help me achieve my goals. Now, as I serve as the Chartering Chapter President of our local Alumnae Association, I hope to change that reality other little girls growing up in Phoenix.


Gaybrielle LeAnn Gant, C’2010
Chartering President
The National Alumnae Association of Spelman College, Phoenix Chapter

Gaybrielle LeAnn Gant [photographed by Deanna S Reid,  The Social Photog ]

Gaybrielle LeAnn Gant [photographed by Deanna S Reid, The Social Photog]